12 septiembre 2009

Fight to the end, thanks for that.

He is a fighter,
He is brave,
He is awesome,
Definitely, He is the best man.

I just love him more than anything in the universe.
He is the best thing in my life.

I want to say:
Thanks to be when I need you,
Thanks for listening to me,
We really met more about us in the lastest month,
You're a cool and amazing man.
I fight with you but then we laugh,
We act act like fools but that's fun.

You are Stronger even if you are in the eye of a storm,
I guess something keeps pushing you to be in here.
I believe is thanks to god, and your wish to be with us.
I like when you say" never give up " i think is for teaching us,
That the best thing happen, when you thing everything goings bad,
Because we learn about the negative things
and people like you make me notice that impossible things, doesn't exist,
because I can do possible everything I want.

You are my Hero,
You are my everything
You are the perfect man,
Because you are the perfect Dad
Thanks for being like you are.
I think I love you more than my life.

I love you DAD, Thanks for fighting against everything you've ever faced.
Because, without you, our lifes would be nothing.
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